Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing...

Just finished chat with Rena XDD she suggested me to watch Ichi Ritoru no Namida 1 Liter of Tears
i read the review, it's a true story of a girl, named Aya who only could live until she become 25 years because she had Spinocerebellar Degeneration - which make her experience a failure of muscle control in her arms and legs - and her message is
Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing...
sometimes we don't appreciate it, but that's life, it's wonderful to some people and it's a copy of hell to others
it's just where we put our mind set ... and that's the one will lead us to. So keep appreciate any kind of love, kindness even trouble that you're faced today with smile ;D

go Sakuratetsu Taiwahen 3 chapter more to finish
and i just re-surf Weib Kreuz Corner ... ^^ long time no see *lovely WK site*

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Do The Dance X33

Yeah!!! I found out that on Cempaka Mas there is a store selling manga-scans cd. There are Monster, 20th Century Boy and Deathnote. Now i just need to prepare the money $$$ XDD and no need to d/l it anymore. Yipee ... but now work, Work and WORK no more of procrastination ...

and now i just realize that a good schedule will help me out of this laziness ... do what necessary and do not do what wouldn't make you accomplish it even though they'll be boring ....

Monday, June 19, 2006

Self control

Jyanjyanjyan ...... today i watched X-Men The Last Stand, yeah!!! so excited, this movie much-much better than The Da Vinci Code. Love the story, love the jokes, love the action ^^ too bad the climax wasn't too horrendous and story of each character is only skin-deep and short. But Phoenix is so hot and her appearance is the best among the other character ^^9

Lesson from this movie is you must take a control of yourself, because we're human not animal.
If you can suppress yourself, you could handle everything XDD Sometimes our physics condition become our reason not to go on. Instead of saying 'i'm not capable' lets find a way so we could solve the problem

this night is the only night when i feel resentful, when somebody talk to me -___-;; no other than somebody who only i could reach via -my error- Yahoo Msg

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Just for you my fellow Indonesian XD

Today i found a hilarious funny story in a motivation book here's it:

Ada seorang supir yang bosnya orang bule sedang mengendarai mobil, tiba-tiba mobilnya berhenti dan menabrak mobil di depannya kata si supir,
"Sorry Sir. I brake, brake, don't eat. When I check the wheels, no flowers again." [1]
Maaf Pak. Saya udah rem-rem, tapi nggak makan. Ketika saya cek bannya, sudah tidak ada kembangannya lagi

Orang yang mobilnya ditabrak oleh si supir ini keluar mobil marah-marah. Bos dari supir ini pun hendak keluar, turun tangan tetapi dicegah oleh si supir, sambil berkata lagi,
"Don't follow mix! If not wrong he is the children fruits of manager moneys. He is stupid not play. Let him know taste." [2]
Jangan turut campur! Jika tidak salah dia adalah anak buahnya manejer keuangan. Dia bodohnya bukan main. Biar dia tau rasa

Setelah kejadian itu, keesokan harinya si supir tidak masuk. Tentunya si bos bule ini kelabakan dan lusanya dia menanyai kenapa si supir itu tidak masuk. Si supir pun menjawab,
"Sorry Sir, my body doesn't taste delicious. My body feels like entering the wind" [3]
Maaf Pak, badan saya rasanya tidak enak. Badan saya sepertinya masuk angin"


After i read it and told it to my whole family, they couldn't stop laughing XDD The greatest joke i read in this month.
Enjoy your day <33

The right words, i think ^^
[1] Sorry Sir, I had put-on the brake, but car slips. When I check the tires, there are no more tread.
[2] Please stay-out of this! If i'm not wrong he is one of the finance manager's subordinate. He's so stupid. Let him learn the lesson.
[3] Sorry Sir, my body didn't felt healthy. It seems i caught a cold

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just DO it

Just do it, like Nike slogan well said. In this two days i postponed many action that i should do it ^^;; And the reason why i'm postponed all the action is something like 'wait this is not the right time', 'this isn't well prepared' and other reasons that in the end i forgot why i supposed to wait any longer.

Chances and luck are only given to the ones who take action right now. There are no such as perfect preparation or sufficient experience. But chances are belong to them who want them so badly and take the first initiative to grab it.

How you could what you want if just sitting around planning it perfectly but do nothing XD so my prince wait for me, here i come

meantime today i tried my best to done all my obligation, listening to Gackt - Regret and James Blunt - You're Beautiful. The second song is being recommended by You, he said it's a nice song. But I even never heard "James Blunt"'s name what he is a James yang tumpul, tuluuung donk namany pls until i saw his journal yesterday and in fact i download James' song today -but it forfeited my bandwidth- *another sigh* thank God he have a good taste, if not maybe i'll sue him *ROFL* this song randomly played in TV, bookstore or at shopping center ... pretty famous indeed but it never get my attention ^^;; lovely song which also depict him nicely You're Beautiful ~ It's True~

Monday, June 12, 2006

Live your life as your belief

I watched The Davinci Code today, yeepeeee ^o^ i'm so happy finally i could saw it after almost one month trying to watch it but failed miserably

a little review for The Da Vinci Code the movie:
plain .... it has good story, good visualization but not dramatic as the story goes. I didn't felt any adrenalin rush on my body while watch this, there are no climax just flow ... there you go, reveal all the codes voila the end '_' ... mmm only that? and as many commentator said Audrey Toutou act isn't match Sophie's character ... no emotion and just a little expression. Maybe if they shoot it with great angle, gave a much more lively gothic orchestra as bgm and add the suspense it would be a good movie plus don't change the scenes too fast we want to see the codes too ;D

And for who hadn't read the book and located in Indonesia don't watch it on theater, but wait for the original dvd. Because they erased *or it's just being censored* the subtitle for the main part of almost every explanation that will alter your creed. Or if your english sure is good just watch it.

After i saw the movie, yes it's only fiction but there is a great lesson
do His doctrine, understand His history,
and don't forget Jesus born as a human being"

'love others like you love yourself' just do it, very easy, applicable and you soon get the result from what you've done, loved by the others too tarararara .... *cling* great doctrine isn't it? You don't need a real truth about His life history, you could read and understand what has written on the bible. And when something controversial like The Da Vinci Code which said could and have destroy Christian beliefs, remember he was born as a human, he could do any mistake or sin like we do and that is normal.

Watched the 2 and half hours movie sure made me hungry of something sweets, fresh and taste good. So i decided to buy a Freeze Blend at J.Co Donuts good taste ^^ it's yummy and made my spirits ready to take another go!!

Give yourself the best ^.^ 9

Yeah .... after 2 years moved in to my new house there are many good things as well the bad ones. The one 'til now still pisses me off is my water-closet *duh* since my mom is a parsimonious person, she always try to keep the house expenditure low and she's good at that. But being a parsimonious person is bad when you always buy the most economic things you could get. And that is what happend with my water closet TToTT, it had been changed its flush more than 3 times. After the flush seems right, came another problem, the flush sometimes can't close-tight to the water-hole. So water in the tank is leaking, and so it's draining all my water supplies until its all gone. Then when we're going to take a bath ... >.< OMG there is no water; the worst it's happened when you have to use the toilet. When i'm saying sometimes it means happens at least 4 times a week.

The point is
Buy only things that you needed, and let it be the best on your behalf
Only spend your money to what you need, if you don't need it or feel it'll be needed don't buy it. Many people today, including me, always shop with their emotion not with their logic ^^;; But if you really need it buy the best you can get also compatible with your pocket and useful as your necessity.

And here i'm confused on which note book should i buy, while the option is much but not much cooperated with my budget ^^;; and when they're at good price its weight isn't X( never thought that buying a note book will be this hard

Friday, June 09, 2006

.... ^^;;

ah ... i don't have anything that i wan't to share today, everything just run smooth my Soft Cover being accepted nicely \^^/" YIPEEE then i made to my Mandarin coursee on time, nice teacher Ayni laoshi

my two cents
don't trust gossip, just follow the rule